GeneMe Skin Serum – A DNA Customized Skin Care Serum

GeneMe® is the brand name for DNA customized supplement from GeneLink Bioscience, Inc. – the company who pioneered the technology for formulating DNA (gene) customized supplementation solution for maximum and optimal health maintenance. How can DNA customized supplement achieve its … Continue reading

How Vitamin D Prevent Skin Aging

In addition to its effect on maintaining bone health and normal calcium metabolism, Vitamin D influences a much broader array of physiological processes and is associated with a host of age-related health conditions (see post “Vitamin D Deficiency And Healthy … Continue reading

UV-Induced Neutrophil Infiltration and Increased MMP Secretion in Photo Skin Aging

The primary mechanism of photo skin aging is mediated by UV induced reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS damages biomacromolecules and function as intracellular signal to activate transcription factors AP-1 and NF-kB . AP-1 And NF-kB are known to regulate a … Continue reading