How Playing Relaxing Games Can Get You Rid Of Wrinkles

After a certain age, we all tend to battle with our wrinkles. Unfortunately, the elixir of youth is yet to be found, even though lots of so-called “miracle” products claim to offer wrinkle-free skin and a healthy glow non-stop. While some creams and serums work better than others, none of them can truly postpone the natural aging process for good. So we are all stuck searching for the best combination of creams, lotions, and massages and stick to the routine every day. But did you ever notice how going for a walk, playing with your dog, or doing something that you truly enjoy doing tends to relax both your mind and body? You suddenly look and feel more rejuvenated, and your wrinkles appear to smoothen out, just like you’ve recently had a face massage.

Being in the moment and living every fun activity being fully mindful will help you put all your worries on halt. And you are also likely to drift into a dreamlike state and even get a more youthful complexion. If you are tired of looking at your tired face in the mirror every day, but you don’t have the time or resources to get facial massages on a regular basis, we have good news for you. There are other ways of getting similar results, and they do not involve paying reflexology therapists to massage your face. Here are a few smart tips on how to look more vivacious while doing things you like.

The Link Between Chronic Stress And Wrinkles

We all have more or less visible or deep wrinkle lines running from our noses to our mouths or straight through the middle of our foreheads. And we see them getting deeper and deeper as time passes by. Fillers and surgery might not sound very appealing to some people. So resorting to different solutions sounds like a must. We are not frolicking first graders, and we have much bigger stresses to cope with than having to decide which toys to play with next. We don’t get enough natural light from the sun as we used to back in the day, and we barely exercise the bare minimum.

We now have to worry about meeting urgent deadlines and running one hundred errands a day. We get early gray hair in our 30s, even though research says it is predominantly determined by our genetic makeup. Nevertheless, it has been scientifically proven that chronic stress and the state of exhaustion can cause premature frown lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

The sad truth is stress affects our bodies at both mental and physical levels. The body’s flight-or-fight response triggered when the sympathetic nervous system feels a threat is one way of looking at stress in its theoretical form. We are talking about approaching deadlines, financial worries, or immediate physical threats – all of them trigger the body to generate larger quantities cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. The immediate effects are faster heart rates, more sweat, and an increased state of alertness.

Anti-wrinkle Solutions In Doing The Things You Love

To better deal with the daily stresses that are eating you up from the inside and inevitably affecting the state of your skin, start doing more of the things that make you feel good. Do you have a hobby or a passion you barely find time for? Make the time! Whether it’s playing the guitar, painting, gardening, solving puzzles or playing poker online, find the time for it on a regular basis. Make a habit of taking care of your mental health and you will soon start to notice the physical results as well.

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