Light Dimensions’ RejuvaWand LED Home Device Review

Light Dimensions’ RejuvaWand LED Home Device Review

I’ve been using the RejuvaWand for approximately 6 weeks now and wanted to give an update on my progress.  While not dramatic change, I do see some improvement in the area (the “11”s) of more forehead and the nasolabial fold.  The RejuvaWand uses red and infrared light to promote and stimulate the skin’s rejuvenation process.  The treatment consists of cleansing, toning  moisturizing using the three-step Rejuva products and massaging the Rejuva Gel in area to be treated with the Rejuvawand.  The treatment lasts 4 minutes on each area.  I must admit, the hardest part for me, was remembering to do this every night. 

If you’re looking to avoid Botox or other expensive treatments/fillers, the RejuvaWand might be something to consider.  Do your homework, read up on the product and decide if you will comply with daily treatments.  Like with any beauty treatment, you’ve got to commit to it, in order to see the benefits.

After The First 5 days of Testing Rejuvawand

I got a email from the wonderful ladies over at asking for testing for this new product out on the market called Rejuvawand. Being that I do have a few lines in my face I am not too happy about I send a email back going sure why not?

Ok I get this box from Glam with the rejuvawand in it along with the skincare system that they have as well. The only thing that wasn’t in the box was the night cream but ok night cream I have. So I open the box and the first thing that came to mind and lets see if you thought the same thing I did.

Ok I see I am not the only one who has just a little bit of a dirty mind. And the darn thing vibrates when its on your skin! Oh please its just too funny!! Are there any women reading this who as had a baby? Ok remember the sonigram (spelling?) when they are checking for the baby’s heart beat for the first time? When this uses the gel like that does.

I had to tell Julieta over at this: “I’m looking for a baby in my face!!” Because that is what it feels like, you put on the gel and then you run the wand over the areas that you want to remove your wrinkles at. I got told I crack her up with my silly thoughts and I also heard that there are at least 9 others beauty bloggers who are field testing this product. Ok so once I got over the fact of what it looked like, what it reminded me of, and how it just made me giggle at the whole idea I decided it was time to test this thing out.

We were all asked if we could take a mug shot like picture to show that after 30 days if this wand really does do what it says. (Yes I have one, and NO you don’t get to see it till I have another one done in 30 days) Ok I got five spots I decided I wanted to do. I have two lines in between my eyes that just got to go, the super fine lines under my eyes and my smile lines. Why not ok? If this works as well as they are promoting it to do, then I should have a new face in thirty days.. right? If you visit the site you can try it out for free for 30 days then they hit your credit card for $199. the idea is you just pay for shipping. So if you really want you can test this out yourself for 30 days or you can wait to hear what all of us that are testing it from tell you our thoughts about it and if it really does do what they are saying it will do.

You have to charge it for 24 hours and it stays on its charger when you are not using it. After charging it I decided it was time to test this wand out. To be honest I don’t care for their cleanser because I have dry skin and it made my skin feel really tight but if you are using the wand they would want you to use their cleanser as well. So it if you have dry skin just remember that it will feel dry tight and I hate that feeling!! Any whoo I cleanse my face after removing my makeup and decided what spot to try it out on first. It has two settings, one is Red Light Treatment which is a red wavelength first. The second day is Infrared Light Treatment you do one and then the next day you do the next treatment, and so on for 30 plus days.

Did you know that 4 minutes is a long time when you are doing something?? I have to do this 5 times?? Oh my I did it the first day with my iPod in my ears cause its seems like it takes FOREVER to do it. Could I do this everyday? I don’t know but then if it does do what it says it does then well maybe.. One thing they say is the light doesn’t hurt your eyes, and that fact is for sure. You don’t look into the light and as you are doing under your eyes, just close your eyes. That is what I been doing.

When you use it I found two problems with so far, one four minutes its a long time but it does turn it self off so you know when it its time to do go on to the next spot. BUT If you only use a drop of gel it dries up faster than the amount of time you are to use on one spot. So I have been using more than they say cause it doesn’t last.That is problem number one that I have found.

Problem two is I don’t have a fat face, sorry but that is my face (your face maybe different so you may not have this problem) when it vibrates on my face I kept hitting my cheekbone under my eyes and my forehead the lines I want it to work on, also kept hitting bone. So you feel the gentle vibration as they put it, but when you keep hitting the bones in your face, four minutes it does hurt a little. After the first day, the morning after I felt it. My face was a little tender from using it. Also I had to use more day cream that usual because my face was a bit drier than normal. So I felt it they called it gentle massage.. ahh no I have had facials before and I didn’t feel a little bit of pain the next day but you have to understand with this is everyone’s face is going to be different. You have have a little but of fat in your face where I do not. I lost lots of weight in the past 4 months and a lot of it came from my face as well.

I been testing it for 5 days now and I still think that 4 minutes feels like forever and because I have 5 spots I am working on that’s more than 30 minutes I am doing this each night. After the third day I didn’t feel my face was a tender as it was but I still have to use more gel than they say and more cream at night as well as the day than I usually use. Do I see a difference yet? No but I did notice that after I do a spot on my face, such as my lines in between my eyebrows that it looked plumped up, but it doesn’t last. If it did then the lines I want gone, would look great.. I will give a up-date about the rejuvawand again in 5 days or so. You can visit their site at and giggle too.

Also I should be getting some links from the other beauty bloggers and so you will be able to see what they think of it as well. I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say as well. Even lades in Julieta office is testing it, I think.. At least they came to the same thought I did when I saw it for the first time. I made her giggle about what I thought… That’s one of the amazing things about Glam is they got great women you can email and they will do things like ask for testers.. ME? Testing things its too much fun and I couldn’t turn down the idea…

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