Patch technology: the new weapon in ingredient delivery

Consumers want fast results from their skincare products which the latest patch technology promises to deliver. In the past year, the number of targeted patch products has increased, with new product launches designed to tackle ageing skin, acne, whitening and cellulite. Even men are getting their own patch products, reflecting the growing sophistication of the men’s skincare market.

The newest patch technology promises results after just 20 minutes, offering a luxurious spa-like experience at home. Israel-based Power Paper has developed this innovative, thin, flexible micro-electric patch platform, which claims to effectively improve the delivery of cosmetic actives.

Power Paper’s patented patches are based on a printed battery with a printed set of electrodes with a cosmetic interface on top. The platform can be used either with Power Paper’s own formulations or as a vehicle for the customer’s. “This can be accomplished either by hydrogel based patches or by non woven types of patches combined either with our or the customer’s formulation,” states Oshrit Shalom Marcom Manager,Power Paper Ltd. “It creates a wonderful opportunity for the brand and range building process.”patch technology

Estée Lauder is one of the first premium skincare companies to use Power Paper’s patch technology for its Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch to tackle the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles around the eye. Dr Daniel Maes, global vice president of research and development at Estée Lauder, explains how it works: “The Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch delivers micro currents through the superficial layers of the epidermis allowing for the re-localisaton of water in the stratum corneum as well as increased penetration of the product applied afterwards.

“It is the first patch that delivers a calibrated micro current without wires or external batteries to deliver a substantial amount of current providing the benefits listed above,” he adds. Dr Maes points out that the patch can support different skincare formulations as it is totally compatible with various products Estée Lauder has developed in the past.

Other brands which are using the Power Paper patch technology include DiorSnow Sublissime and Amore Pacific Hera Age Away program patch.

Research company Mintel has noted an increase in patch launches, including several slimming patches. For example, Laboratoires Santé Beauté Linéance claims to have adapted nicotine patch technology to carry active ingredients to the deepest layer of the skin. Nivea Body Goodbye Cellulite Patches contain L-Carmitine to target thighs, buttocks and stomach. There is even a men’s slimming patch from Biotherm Homme called the Abdosculpt Night Slimming Patch. On the theme of men’s patches, Sephora Men have come our with instant anti-fatigue eye patches for men which claim to moisturise, energise and deliver anti-wrinkle ingredients.

patch ingredients deliveryPatch technology is also filtering down into the mass market, although not quite as advanced as many premium offers. Olay total effects 7x mask is an innovative “stretch ‘n fit” moisturising cloth mask that envelops facial contours to deliver high concentrations of VitaNiacin and vitamin E into the surface layers of the skin. Boots Time Delay Dermi-Gel Under Eye Patches are reusable for up to 10 applications and promise the reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles lasting up to 8 hours.

We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as patch products are concerned. If consumers believe they can deliver demonstrable results, they will be willing to use them for all types of skincare and cosmetic concerns. The future for patch technology looks very bright.

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