Yeast Extract (Faex)

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Yeast Extract (Faex)

Yeasts are a big group of very different fungi. Well known are those used for the production of food (bread) and beverages (beer). Yeast are composed of many valuable substances like proteins, peptides and amino acids, storage compounds, enzymes and polysaccharides as well as Vitamins of the B group.

Yeast (faex medicinalis) faex extract is a source of B vitamins. It is an skin conditioning agent. INCI Name is faex extract. The Yeast extract is said to have a stimulating and activating effect on cell metabolism by means of an increased production of ATP, the most important energy source of the cells. The cell’s vitality is improved.

SRF also called tissue respiratory factors (TRF), have been used in cosmetics for their ability to renew and revitalize the skin through stimulation of cell respiration and metabolism. Although a number of natural ingredients with the ability to enhance cell respiration have been isolated, the most abundant source is baker’s yeast. However, unlike beta-glucans, which are isolated compounds that stimulate cellular respiration, yeast extract are extracted from the cytoplasm and not from cell walls. These elements are generally mitochondrial components which can enhance cellular energy. As skin ages, human mitochondrial components exhibits a gradual physiologic fatigue, which is compounded by oxidative stress and environmental factors. This fatigue, is going paralleled by the progressive decrease in cellular energy and metabolism as well as diminished cellular function. The addition of ingredients to anti-aging skin care that contain mitochondrial cytoplasmic yeast extracts can result in the stimulation of cellular respiration followed by enhanced cellular metabolism, vitality, and increased cell renewal.

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